Goodbye Mello Brick Road: Top Five Time Travel Movies

There are so many different genres of film, but in these, you can find even more specific playgrounds. Time travel movies can be comedic, dramatic, sci-fi (obviously), and more. In this week’s episode, Dave and Nerds in Love’s own Stephanie Sarkis break down their five favorite time travel movies ever made. Did your favorite make…

Three Angry Nerds Episode 1: Everybody Poops (Even Superman)

HOSTS: Kurt Alex Lucas Hey Everyone! Kurt here, and this is the inaurural episode, or pilot if you will for Three Angry Nerds. Myself, Alex, and Lucas discuss what was good, meh, and bad in 2013. We also talk about Kat Denning’s tits and Superman’s fecal matter. Here’s the thing, we’re doing this EXTREMELY cheap….