Three Angry Nerds Episode 1: Everybody Poops (Even Superman)


  • Kurt
  • Alex
  • Lucas

Hey Everyone!

Kurt here, and this is the inaurural episode, or pilot if you will for Three Angry Nerds. Myself, Alex, and Lucas discuss what was good, meh, and bad in 2013. We also talk about Kat Denning’s tits and Superman’s fecal matter.

Here’s the thing, we’re doing this EXTREMELY cheap. You will probably notice this by the fact that there are parts where we get extremely echoey. I’ll make a Indie Gogo in a day or two where if you want to see this podcast get better and kick all sorts of ass you can donate money to us. Look for this in the near-future.

PS: We reference this show as the Nerds in Hell Podcast but Google told us that we can’t use that name so apologies to those guys we will refer to ourselves as Three Angry Nerds from here on out 🙂



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  1. Very funny guys! Keep up the good work

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