Back in 2013, Kurtis had already established himself as the Editor-In-Chief of The Motherboard, Writer for The Cascade, and a few other bits of nonsense. Disillusioned by the various podcasts out there, Kurt knew he could do better. He started coordinating with Lucas, a friend of his, and long-time nerd. He also found a small Australian boy, who added some foreign flavour to the podcast.

Three years later and the Nerds have grown immensely. With the main show now 100+ episodes strong, the podcast has also launched a dating advice show (for nerds) in NERDS IN LOVE. In 2016, the team launched BACK IN TIME, a look back at the years of pop and nerd culture; and we’re soon going to be debuting THREE ANGRY GAMERS, a podcast geared towards gamers. We also offer content on YouTube in the form of DOOM’S DOMAIN.

Whether we’re talking about awkward sex, comic book movies, or Pokemon; there’s bound to be something for everyone!

Hosts: Three Angry Nerds, Nerds In Love, Back In Time

Kurt graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2011 with a Masters in Political Economy. Wrote for various newspapers as a freelancer, started his own video game website, and even had a weekly radio show on the university radio station.

Currently an Editor on ComicBookMovie.com; Kurt founded the podcast, he also handles recording the podcast,and various business aspects including but not limited to: Advertising, Sponsorships, Interviews, Press Relations, and so much more!

This podcast has been his passion for almost three years and enjoys seeing it grow and develop alongside himself. Contact me.

Hosts: Doom’s Domain

Carlos studies English literature at Brock University. He’s a passionate fan of the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and X-Men franchises (even though no one knows how to use them). Carlos has been Kurt’s right-hand man for a majority of the episodes and has kept the podcast on track when Kurt gets drunk.

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