Back in 2013, Kurt had already established himself as the Editor-In-Chief of The Motherboard, Writer for The Cascade, and a few other publications. Motivated to do better by podcast listeners, Kurt knew he could do better. He started coordinating with Lucas, a friend of his, and long-time nerd, and a small Australian boy, Alex, who added some foreign flavour to the podcast. Together they started Three Angry Nerds.

In the years since, the nerds have changed, but show has grown year over year. Almost a decade later, Three Angry Nerds has over 1 Million subscribers!

In 2016, the Three Angry Nerds Podcast Network was formed. From it, the guiding principle of ‘Creating engaging content’ guides us to provide a platform for other content creators; and from this platform, plenty of unique and entertaining podcasts were produced. You can find out more about those other shows HERE.

Looking forward to the future, Three Angry Nerds LLC is focused on growth and creating increasingly engaging content.

Three Angry Nerds LLC is an equal opportunity employer that follows a Code of Conduct.


Founder/President/Chief Film Critic: Kurtis Smejkal
Co-Founder/Co-Host (Three Angry Gamers): Lucas Charleston
Co-Founder: Alex ‘Lozzy’ Lorusso

Business Development Manager: Stephen Forester
Marketing Manager: Kylee Wendell
Advertising And Partnerships Manager: Hunter Reese Jakobs

Film Critic: Lee Bennett
Film Critic: Adam Birney
Film Critic: Katie Lui
Film Critic: Alma Garcia
Film Critic: Ryan Whitten
Film Critic: Matt Schmidt

Co-Host (Nerds In Love/The Friday Night Dinner Podcast): Stephanie Sarkis
Co-Host (Three Angry Gamers): Dennis Zhang
Co-Host (Three Angry Gamers): Jamie Schaedle

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