Back in 2013, Kurtis had already established himself as the Editor-In-Chief of The Motherboard, Writer for The Cascade, and a few other bits of nonsense. Disillusioned by the various podcasts out there, Kurt knew he could do better. He started coordinating with Lucas, a friend of his, and long-time nerd. He also found a small Australian boy, who added some foreign flavour to the podcast.

Three years later and the Nerds have grown immensely. With the main show now 100+ episodes strong, the podcast has also launched a dating advice show (for nerds) in NERDS IN LOVE. In 2016, the team launched BACK IN TIME, a look back at the years of pop and nerd culture. In 2017 we launced THREE ANGRY GAMERS, a podcast geared towards gamers. CULTURE COURT, which puts pop culture on trial. We also have our own music discussion show, MUSIC TALK. Where host Kurtis takes you through the music you ought to be listening to. We also offer content on YouTube in the form of DOOM’S DOMAIN.

Whether we’re talking about awkward sex, comic book movies, or Pokemon; we pride ourself on balancing humor with informed opinions!

Hosts: Three Angry Nerds, Nerds In Love, Back In Time, Three Angry Gamers, Culture Court, Music Talk

Kurt graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2011 with a Masters in Political Economy. Wrote for various newspapers as a freelancer, started his own video game website, and even had a weekly radio show on the university radio station.

Kurt founded the podcast, he also handles recording the podcast,and various business aspects including but not limited to: Advertising, Sponsorships, Interviews, Press Relations, and so much more!

This podcast has been his passion for almost three years and enjoys seeing it grow and develop alongside himself. Contact me.

Hosts: Doom’s Domain, Three Angry Nerds, Nerds In Love, Culture Court

Carlos studies English literature at Brock University. He’s a passionate fan of the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and X-Men franchises (even though no one knows how to use them). Carlos has been Kurt’s right-hand man for a majority of the episodes and can always be counted on to keep 20th Century Fox in line with their Marvel films.

Hosts: Three Angry Nerds, Nerds In Love, Culture Court

Dave is the newest member of the Three Angry Nerds team. His passion for nerdom is only rivaled by that of his love for Tom Brady and Mindy Kaling.

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