Kurtis Smejkal

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 Kurtis Smejkal
Role: Founder, President, Host, Chief Film Critic

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Three Angry Nerds
Nerds In Love
Three Angry Gamers
Pop Culture Disorder
First Friday

Favourite Movie: Zodiac

Kurt graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Political Economy in 2013. He wrote and had published Democracy and Globalization: The Biopolitics of Video Games.

Kurt founded the podcast, and really uses it as a platform to rattle off useless Friday The 13th facts, which he remains constantly amazed that people find enjoyment in. He hosts most of the podcasts, and runs various business aspects including but not limited to: Advertising, Sponsorships, Interviews, Press Relations, and so much more! Still getting over the shock of going to Kanto at the ‘end’ of Pokemon Gold.