The Trench Run – Special Edition

Trench Run GIF

Welcome to this special edition episode of The Trench Run! In honor of May the 4th (Star Wars Day), we are releasing every review from the Trench Run series on a single episode, including never before released episodes for The Clone Wars (2008), Solo (2018), and The Rise of Skywalker (2019).

If you are looking for a certain episode to listen to, here are the time marks for each episode:

A New Hope – 1:56
The Empire Strikes Back – 46:52
Return of the Jedi – 1:10:16
The Phantom Menace – 1:41:54
Attack of the Clones – 2:15:54
Revenge of the Sith – 2:49:31
The Clones Wars – 3:20:43
The Force Awakens – 3:44:25
Rogue One – 4:14:27
The Last Jedi – 4:45:18
Solo – 5:33:54
The Rise of Skywalker – 5:58:40

If you want to leave us a comment, share your experiences watching Star Wars, or just want to tell us how wrong we are, be sure to e-mail us at

Enjoy the show and may the Force be with you!

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