Happy Friday The 13th!

Kurtis here.

As many know, today is Friday the 13th. A big day around these parts.

I’ve always been a big Friday the 13th (and horror in general) fan, and in my eyes it’s the best horror franchise by a long mile. Definitely in consideration for best of all time but that’s the tougher sell.

Horror movies are interesting in that the addage “The first one is the best” usually applies. Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser; these franchises have always been known for their strong first outings, and even in noble efforts to change the formula (i.e. Halloween III which I love regardless) it usually falls on deaf ears.

Friday The 13th is different. I can tune in any time and watch a large majority of these movies. I’ll put one of the Blu-Rays on and just relax, watching Jason dispatch of sex and drug crazed teens. It’s simple, and yet largely effective. Is it going to engage with you on a level of Zodiac or even Mad Max: Fury Road? Nope. Doesn’t have to arguably. The joy of just watching 90-ish min of Jason doing his thing works. I recently had a conversation with Steve (who pops up on Three Angry Nerds) about how movies don’t always have to be ‘bad’ because they don’t meet an unfair criteria. If a movie sets out to do a certain thing and achieves it, isn’t that an accomplishment in and of itself?

Perhaps I’m speaking too much as a super fan, but these films are consistent if anything. The lows of the franchise arguably are still far better off than most other horror movie sequels. My least favourite, Jason Goes To Hell, is at least watchable, if barely. Jason Takes Manhatten is absurd, but then again it has some of th weirdest shit in any Friday movie. Don’t even get me started on Jason X.

As the status quo of the franchise remains in limbo, I stand confident that we’ll see more. Jason has survived many things, and whether you like it or not, his consistently entertaining movies will release until all of us are in the grave and Tommy Jarvis comes to wake us up.

To celebrate, here’s a lot of Friday The 13th content!

First off, we have Commentaries for Parts 4-6

We did a podcast called First Friday, where we went through each film. The co-host got too busy to record so it’s on hiatus but I’m hoping to bring it back with a new co-host soon!

We also have content on our others shows:
Goodbye Mello Brick Road
Pop Culture Disorder
Interview with Vince DiSanti (Creator of Never Hike Alone)

If anything, watch a Friday The 13th movie today, try out the game, or perhaps read one of the Friday The 13th comics! There’s a lot in this franchise to love and enjoy, and even if you’re not a big fan, I’m sure you’ll enjoy one of these at least!

Best Regards,

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