Three Angry Gamers Episode 15: We’re Baaaaack



Do you love video games? Of course you do! Do you like to laugh? We hope so! Well you need to check out the funniest video game podcast in the galaxy (awaiting confirmation). Seriously we think you’re gonna love this podcast, here’s a taste of what you get in this episode: Dragonball Fighter Z, Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite, Infamous Second Son, Strike Vector EX, Dead Rising , Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Fear Effect, Age Of Empires IV, Jurassic World Evolution, Friday The 13th, Mass Effect Andromeda, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Friday The 13th, Hearthstone, Sonic Mania, Just Cause 3, Breath Of The Wild, Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian, Roundabout, Arms, Undertale, Overwatch, Observer, Call Of Duty WW2, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

The show is every two-ish weeks. You can subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Player FM and many more! If you like Kurt, Phil, and Nick be sure to check out their other podcasts on the network!

You’ll notice some cool people had their emails read on air. Want to have yours read too? Email

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