Episode 3: Raped By A Maritimer



  • Kurt
  • Alex
  • Lucas

Hey Everyone!

Kurt here, and this is the third episode of the Three Angry Nerds podcast. Our podcast crashed twice while recording, proving that we are the unluckiest podcast (or perhaps it’s because we’re recording on Friday the 13th?). Anyways, we (hastily) discuss everything this week that was relevant including (but not limited to) Jason Momoa in Batman Vs. Superman, Rhodey being in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Venom and Sinister Six getting their own movies, we also all agree that the Godzilla trailer was fucking awesome,  and we also discuss the first half  Agents Of SHIELD as well as talk about our favourite video games of this generation. We also talk about how you’re an idiot for gifting people pictures of your kid(s), Suicide induced by your girlfriend shopping; as well as answering questions sent in by listeners about Marvel post-Phase 3 and who should play Spider-Man in the MCU. We also talk about the ferociousness of the maritimer women of Canada, and how you don’t fuck around with them…they fuck around with you.

We are now on iTunes so you can subscribe and never miss an episode. Please rate and review us, if you make a hilarious joke about Alex and Kat Dennings in the title of your iTunes review I’ll read it on air next week. So try to be funny, or don’t.

We also need cover art for our Facebook and Twitter pages. So try to draw what you think we look like, and if it’s terrible/hilarious/good we’ll use it. No prize, other then some mild fame amongst the internet for 3 minutes to a day.

Our Weekly Recommendations:

Captain America, Vol. 1: Winter Soldier Ultimate Collection

PlayStation 4

Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition


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