Welcome to the Three Angry Nerds Network and our promotional page.


Coming from modest origins, we understand that launching a podcast can be hard work. The easiest part is recording, but sponsorship, ad revenue, and of course, social media all play an integral role. What our network encourages is for you to make engaging and entertaining content for your user base; while allowing us to expand your audience and utilize your existing audience to better benefit you and your podcast.

We’re open to all sorts of podcasts, but a common theme of all of our podcasts is merging humor and insight to create content that is not only informative but also fun to listen to.

Email us at and let us know more about your podcast.


We work with many businesses to enable you to promote your product or service in front of 50,000+ listeners primarily in the Male 18-30 demographic across Three Angry Nerds network, including Back In Time, Nerds In Love, Three Angry Gamers, and Three Angry Nerds. We’ve worked with many sponsors in the past including Audible and Amazon to great success.

So how do we work with sponsors and advertisers to be successful? We work with you to find a podcast and time spot that works for you. With four podcasts, and three points to add ads (Beginning, Middle, and End). We will work with you to find a length of ad that works for you, with us offering 30 second, 1 min, and 90 second ads. We can also work on adding links in our posts for added coverage. We’ll work with you to find a package that accommodates your needs at an affordable price point.

We offer both website and podcast promotions, and each month you will be sent a report detailing your views and number of actions. We charge on a CPA (Cost-Per-Action) model. When contacting us please indicate which action you wish to be charged on. Payment is facilitated through PayPal or credit card.

If you are a podcast looking for a network; we offer social media coverage, website hosting, and other services. Contact us with your Podcast’s information for consideration.

If you are interested in either sponsoring the podcast, or paying for advertising, please contact us.