Happy Birthday Friday The 13th!

I know we’re a day late (May 10th) but on May 9th, 1980 the first Friday the 13th film was released theatrically. Many people write off this franchise as B-movie camp and cheese, and that’s actually a fairly accurate take; but also one that’s grossly misunderstanding. You have to put yourself in the time of the movie’s release. There were no Slasher movies, there was Halloween and a few other small indie releases but nothing major, and a common complaint of the time was that the movies were simply not fun. Terrifying? Sure. That lack of humor and fun somewhat … Continue reading Happy Birthday Friday The 13th!


Can you remember that this podcast started in 2013? The DCEU had some promise and Iron Man 3 bamboozled many with The Mandarin twist. Also two Canadians and an Australian started the shittiest podcast ever which wanted to discuss nerd and pop culture news. In that first year, the podcast was clearly more of a hobby then anything else. As time moved on and we started putting more effort into the podcast, listenership grew and more attention came to the podcast. That’s when I decided this podcast, while entertaining and goofy, is a business. Like any business, our fans come … Continue reading Announcement