Goodbye Mello Brick Road: Top Five Disney Songs

In the Season Two finale of Goodbye Mello Brick Road, we are pulling out all the stops! My platonic work friend, Kelsey Elliott, joins me this week to say goodbye to the delightful Season Two run by ranking our ten (count ’em: TEN) favorite Disney songs! That’s right! We’re doubling the list for this go-around of ranking fun! After listening to this podcast, you’ll find yourself in a whole new world!

The entire Season Two catalog can be heard here!

Shoutout to the Three Angry Nerds network for all the support over the years! They’ve been a great partner in this endeavor and I wish them all the best going forward as I explore new avenues for this podcast. Season Three does not yet have a premiere date, but I am aiming for sometime in the summer with the potential for another early September return!

Additionally, listen to my dear friend (and friend of the podcast!), Jac Rayner, and her appearance on the world’s premier Harry Potter podcast, MuggleCast, this week!

You can also hear me on Matt Zabita’s podcast, The X-S Press Podcast, where I am interviewed about my time working at Walt Disney World! Do it up!

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Cover art by Nicole Mello.

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