The Wild Pitch — Episode 13.5: Mini-Fail


Hello everyone! This week on the Wild Pitch Podcast: Mr Rando gives us a tantalizing collection. We get 2 user submitted elements again. This week I got a chance to talk with two of the hosts of one of a terrific little podcast, Tyler and Artur took some time to talk about their show, podcasting in general, solar eclipses, cryogenics, and shell fish consumption.

This week’s beer:
Allagash Brewing — Allagash White

This week’s Mini-Episode Podcast Pick: — Apple Podcasts — Twitter

Hosted & Produced by Derek Glascock
Think you’ve got a great or even better idea for any of our random element collections? Let’s hear it and the best ones will get played on an upcoming mini-episode.
Wild Pitch Pitch Hotline: (872)256-8780

Contact us with warm greetings, harsh criticisms, or random element suggestions.

Twitter: @WildPitchCast
Instagram: @WildPitchCast


Art by Angel Onofre and Derek Glascock
IG: @angelonofre

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