Can you remember that this podcast started in 2013? The DCEU had some promise and Iron Man 3 bamboozled many with The Mandarin twist. Also two Canadians and an Australian started the shittiest podcast ever which wanted to discuss nerd and pop culture news.

In that first year, the podcast was clearly more of a hobby then anything else. As time moved on and we started putting more effort into the podcast, listenership grew and more attention came to the podcast.

That’s when I decided this podcast, while entertaining and goofy, is a business. Like any business, our fans come first.

We brought on various third co-hosts to varying degrees of success. Some good, some bad; but it was a learning experience. We learned what was working and what wasn’t working, and deciding what needed to happen next was ultimately on my shoulders as Founder and President.

Cory joined the podcast and for a while many listeners took to Cory’s energy, praising his happy go lucky nature and overall good demeanor (which was funny considering we were called Three ANGRY Nerds).

In the last few months though I was getting complaints both internally and from our fan base in regards to Cory. At the time I treated it like any information I have no base for, it could be true, but I need to see for myself.

Then we started losing listeners, and I could draw a direct line to Cory. So these complaints I heard begun to have a bit more weight to them. Again, I didn’t want to make a decision.

Then on the latest D&D Premium Content episode, Cory and I had a disagreement; and I saw what many had complained about. Again, didn’t want to believe it for myself as I didn’t quite see what others mentioned or didn’t think it was a huge issue but when I saw his attitude more fully it became apparent to me that it was an issue.

So I’ve since let Cory go and he will not be a co-host on any of the shows (including Premium Content. As for Premium Content, I will be looking to replace content such as D&D with something else. If you would like a refund on your most recent subscription payment and a cancellation you can email We can also give free 6-month subscriptions to those who want that as well. Email either way with which you want and we’ll honor it for you.

Apologies if this is an inconvenience for anyone; but as long time fans know, this podcast has evolved and changed many times already, and doing it again is nothing we haven’t handled before. Now we look forward to a bright future full of excitement in the months and years to come. Also, we might finally get that ‘good’ DCEU film.

Best Regards,

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