Kurt’s Korner: Devin Faraci


Kurt’s Korner is a written editorial reflecting the views of Three Angry Nerds founder and host, Kurtis Smejkal. These views reflect Three Angry Nerds and Kurtis exclusively, and no other individual or organization.


This week news broke that the Editor-in-Chief of Birth.Movies.Death (formally Badass Digest) Devin Faraci had stepped down due to a twitter conversation which emerged after Faraci commented on the recent comments made by Donald Trump relating to assaulting women sexually.

These conversations lead to a woman coming forward with claims that she was assaulted by Faraci and this leading to his response. Which is as follows:

Now I’m not here to defend either party. The great thing about being an independent media entity is that I have no affiliation to either party. Tim League, who’s the founder of the Alamo Drafthouse (which is tied to Birth.Movies.Death. and Faraci) spoke with the woman in question and ultimately decided to take action against Faraci.

This is in many ways a perfect storm. Faraci himself, who many in the industry label as showing tendencies of alcoholism, is fiercely loyal to his opinions. This has in my opinion made him take a few stances that are questionable. One such is his stance as a ‘feminist’. Which I wasn’t too offended by, but I looked at actions by him and things he said, which as someone who’s University educated, I saw as being slightly hypocritical. Yet, he stuck his ground on that statement. Maybe out of self-defense, or perhaps out of defiance, or maybe it was a goal he set. Either way, he’s stated that’s his stance and I quietly shrugged it off.

With him leaving Birth.Movies.Death. I think the actions are not so much the issue here. He could apologize, and even commit to improving himself (i.e. working on his sexist views, alcoholism, etc) but having League remove his content speaks greater volumes.

Faraci has essentially self-imploded. Whether he meant to assault the woman or not is ultimately not the case here. He proclaimed himself a feminist, and in a manner extremely contradictory to that stance, he proved otherwise. So those twitter rants and editorials were ultimately for nothing. That’s why he’s being punished if I had to guess, and if that’s not why, then I’d be surprised.

For a guy like Faraci he’ll land on his feet again. He’ll start a new blog or video series. He’ll essentially wipe his hands clean and start anew. I really do hope that Birth.Movies.Death. takes him back. As someone who’s made mistakes and forgiven them, there’s nothing that can’t be fixed here. It’s just that one of the internet’s strongest voices may have to reconsider what he’s saying and the contradictions it possibly sets up.

A lesson that all of us could learn from.

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